What Are The Best Commercial Web Scraping Tools? – The Semalt Anwer

Web scraping programs and crawling tools were specially developed to extract useful information from different sites. These tools are extremely helpful for startups, bloggers, freelancers and also for commercial and large-scale businesses. They can either scrape or crawl the data manually or automatically, fetch new and existing information and store it for easy access.


Bixo is a commercial web crawling and data scraping tool. It is a powerful open source web mining toolkit that runs as the series of cascading pipes and builds customized information for you, collecting it from a number of sources. You can use it for your small and large-sized business and save all useful data on your hard drive with just a click.

Darcy Ripper:

Just like Bixo, Darcy Ripper is an excellent web scraping and data crawling program. This freeware can be used both by programmers and non-programmers and comes with a great variety of options. It is completely implemented in JavaScript and can save files on your device or its own cloud storing disk.


DEiXTo is also known as AEiXTo. It is one of the most powerful and famous data extraction tools that is based on a comprehensive W3C Document Object model. It lets you extract accurate data and can organize your files in the alphabetical form. It gives you easy access to a variety of options. Besides, you can schedule when and how to scrape websites. It saves a lot of time, efforts, and energy.


Pattern is one of the coolest and best commercial web scraping and crawling programs. It is basically a web mining module for Python users and has tools related to Wikipedia API, Google, HTML DOM parser and Twitter. It not only scrapes and crawls your sites but also processes useful data and organizes files according to your requirements.


Scrappy is a commercial web crawling tool that comes with open source and collaborative frameworks. It helps extract data from both small and large websites. Users just set the rules for data extraction and allow Scrapy to do the rest. It is written in Python and runs on BSD, Mac, Windows, and Linux.


80legs is a powerful and famous web service that comes with a Custom Web Crawling options and dozens of other specifications. It can scrape up to five million web pages within an hour, and its basic package offers free services supporting over 12,000 URL crawls. However, its premium version is great for commercial uses and costs nearly $40 per month.